PRB Electrical Signaling Probe Equipment

PRB E1 Electrical Signaling Probe Equipment

PRB E1 Electrical Signaling Probe Equipment


PRB is a hardware device specifically designed for signaling acquisition, the product realizes multiple rate link access and collection of multiple signaling protocol messages through high-resistance crossover mode. It is mainly composed of the signal processing front board and the back board of cPCI bus structure.

PRB can access 16 channels E1 signal through RJ45 interface. At the same time, 100/1000 base-t network port is provided to send the collected data and RS232 (RJ45 interface) interface to conduct configuration management of the product.

PRB underlying hardware, cPCI bus interface of the general signaling board, is the third generation of JOYIT signaling card which based on cPCI bus structure. It is especially suitable for mobile network optimization, large signaling value-added services and railway GSM-R monitoring services, etc.

Features & Benefits
Maturity & Stability

Firstly, since the basic structure of PRB signaling board card is derived from the previous generations of juyuan products, it has a good guarantee of stability.Secondly, the signaling processing card is an embedded product built by CPU based on PowerPC architecture. Currently, CPU based on PowerPC architecture mainly focuses on the design of communication system products with good stability and strong processing capacity.

Support Hot-swap

According to the different needs of customers, various types of cPCI chassis and motherboard can be used to build acquisition equipment with integration degree of 16E1 or more channels of E1 access.At the same time, this also reflects the flexibility of cPCI bus structure product configuration.When one of the signaling CARDS has a problem, it can be replaced immediately without affecting the other signaling board CARDS in the same case or replacing the whole case.

Carrier Grade

JOYIT PRB E1 Electrical Signaling Probe Equipment satisies carrier grade customer's reliability requirements of 99.99999% to equipment.

High Availability

JOYIT PRB E1 Electrical Signaling Probe Equipment can satisfy the access capacity requirements of current communication market, with humanized WEB OA&M configuration and management, which is intuitional and easy to use. It supports online remote sofware upgrading and API is provided, supports PTP and NTP time synchronization and the time-stamp accuracy can reach to 0.1ms, supports automatic link scanning to reduce on-site implementation work.


JOYIT PRB E1 Electrical Signaling Probe Equipment applied cPCI chassis and customized Linux system, which can satify on-site requirements with add or remove PRB board according to on-site application conditions, so that to maximally save the costs and rack space.


JOYIT PRB E1 Electrical Signaling Probe Equipment supports hot-swap, and it can realize smooth capacity with PRB board adding according to on-site actual requirements. 1U cPCI equipment can access 32 E1, and 2U cPCI equipment can access 64 E1, 4U cPCI equipment can access 128 E1.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Standard 6U cPCI Structure
Weight 1 KG
Physical Interface RJ48,75 Ohm & 120 Ohm Trunk
Network Interface RJ45, Dual Redundant 100/1000 Base-T
Consumption 15W (Full Load)
Time Synch PTP + NTP
Environment Temperature :-40℃~85℃,
RH:≤95%(humidity 40℃±2℃),
Pressure :70~106Kpa
Access One board maximally 16 E1/T1/J1
Signal Gain(DB) 0, 14, 20, 26, 32
Link Type 8K, 16K, 32K, 64K, 2M, Nx64K
HDLC Decoding Support CRC16、CRC32、CSD (V.110)、Transparent transport protocol,
The decoding capability is 2048 channels
MLPPP Decoding With IP Abis interface shard recombination and decoding ability.
Probe The acquisition and processing capacity of 65kb/s link reaches 1.0erl;
The acquisition and processing capacity of 2Mb/s(Nx64K) link reaches 1.0erl
Hardware Decoding Support HDLC, CSD, source code stream hardware decoding.
Design Criteria E1 physical interface: as recommended by g.703, including 75 ohm non-equilibrium interface or 120 ohm equilibrium interface;
Relay clock: ITU-T G.812 specification;
Signaling system no.7 (SS7) : conforming to Q700-Q795 specification;
PRA:conforming to Q.921-Q.931 specification;
CSD:conforming to V.110 specification
Cooling System CPCI standard chassis with high power fan and integrated temperature control system to ensure air flow and temperature control at the right temperature;
Special heat sink and fan are added to the CPU chip with high power consumption to ensure the smooth operation of the system.
Certification CE, RoHS

As an example of application of JOYIT jdxc-128 and PRB, signals are collected from C/D/E/A/Abis/Gb/PRA and railway RBC port through high-resistance crossover connected to DXC for convergence, and then connected to PRB for collection.